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The Military Bible (Paperback New Testament) contains Founding Fathers Quotes on Religious Freedom, Military Creeds, Military Hymns, Military Core Values, Military Oaths of Office, Military Photos, Military Prayers, National Monument to Our Forefathers, and the Seven Principles of Spiritual Leadership.
The Leader’s Bible (Paperback New Testament) is the US Army Cadet Command edition of The Military Bible. It includes an introductory letter from the Command Chaplain, and everything found in The Military Bible, such as “The Seven Principles of Spiritual Leadership.”
The Presidents’ Bible (Paperback New Testament), includes many of the inserts found in The Military Bible, but features prayers prayed by many of the presidents of the United States, their quotes on religious freedom, and their photos.

MEV Economy Bible (Paperback). What you hold in your hands is the most powerful tool in your Christian life, the Holy Word of God. By it you are transformed and strengthened as your faith grows.

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