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Endorsements of The Military Bible

Church of England

The Military Bible edition of the Holy Bible is a wonderful resource. Whether the text is used for daily devotional reading, serious textual study, or discipleship growth through Alpha courses or other groups, it is hoped that many personnel serving around the world will find a closer relationship with God through its pages.”

Revd. Paul Cowley MBE
Priest Pastor, Holy Trinity Brompton
Executive Director, Social Transformation 

Episcopal Church

“If you are going to be a spiritual leader, you need a spiritual experience. I know The Military Bible will be a great resource and source of inspiration for our military leaders.”

General Ralph E. Haines, Jr., USA (Ret.)
Former Commanding General, Continental Army Command
Former Vice Chief of Staff, United States Army

General Council of the Assemblies of God

The Military Bible is useful for the spiritual discipline of military personnel. I highly recommend its use as a key element of their spiritual growth journey.”

Admiral Vern Clark, USN (Ret.)
Former Chief of Naval Operations

International Church of the Foursquare Gospel

The Military Bible from its inception was created to be used by men and women of our armed forces. It was created with them in mind, and the Modern English Version was translated by Chaplains of all branches of the military with leading biblical scholars of today. Future members of our armed forces will now have a Bible which they know was created by military chaplains for military personal. A modern translation with prayers and helps which specifically address the needs of the modern-day service man or women! Yet while it was created with the military in mind it will be an excellent translation and resource for anyone wanting to read and study the Bible. With great anticipation I look forward to the time that chaplains of our armed forces will be handing to military personal The Military Bible. I am confident it will be well received.”

Rob E. Noland, M.A., M.Div., M.R.E., M.S.S.
Chaplain (COL), USAR (Ret.)
Former Deputy Command Chaplain
United States Army Reserves


The Military Bible will be the immediate choice of military chaplains as well as of leaders in all professions. It is truly magnificent and will be very much appreciated.”

Major General James L. Gardner, Jr., USAF (Ret.)

The Military Bible ranks as a powerful tool for today’s leader faced with staggering challenges and in need of strong spiritual guidance and support. The spiritual energy supplied through incorporation of the 7 Principles of Spiritual Leadership will enrich and inspire the personal and professional performance of anyone associated with military service, regardless of rank or responsibility.”

Major General Tom S. Jones, USMC (Ret.)

The Military Bible is exceptional. It will inspire every leader to lead with excellence in the power of the Holy Spirit. As you read this living book, allow the leadership of the Spirit to rise in you.”

Chaplain (LTC) Pearlean Scott, USA (Ret.)
Former Command Chaplain
United States Army Cadet Command

Roman Catholic Church

“Although translated and annotated by military chaplains for use by military leaders, the value of The Military Bible goes well beyond the battlefield and in to the boardroom. This is a Bible for all who strive to be spiritual leaders.”

General Charles C. Krulak, USMC (Ret.)
Former Commandant, United States Marine Corps

“I applaud The Military Bible. A historic document, it is clearly representative of the Judeo-Christian values upon which our nation is based, as well as those of our British allies. The military chaplains’ work is reflective of the ideals of our first military Commander-in-Chief, General George Washington.”

Rear Admiral William L. Schachte, Jr., USN (Ret.)

“Military chaplains have produced one of the finest Bibles. The Military Bible provides the moral compass for living by faith. I endorse The Military Bible for use in all Armed Forces, churches and homes.”

Rear Admiral Bennett S. Sparks, USCG-Ret.
Former Secretary General, Congress of International Reservists
(Chartered by NATO)

Southern Baptist Convention

The Military Bible is needed today to produce leaders for tomorrow. It is a ‘Must Read.’”

John B. Porter, Ph.D.
Chaplain (COLONEL) USA (Ret.)

Endorsements of the Modern English Version

Elim Church

“The Modern English Version is very readable and adheres well to the Authorised King James translation. It will be an excellent resource for Armed Forces Chaplains and leaders and those brought up on the prose and poetry of the Authorized Version.”

Revd. Richard Prendergast, D.D.
Lt. Cdr. (ret.) Royal Navy
Former Director, Naval Military & Air Force Bible Society
United Kingdom

General Council of the Assemblies of God

“The Modern English Version is a valuable addition to the tools available to the modern reader who desires a better understanding of God’s word. While updating the text with more contemporary vocabulary and terminology, it retains the beauty and tradition of the King James Version. The translators and editors are to be commended for the balance they have struck between heritage and clarity. I commend its use to all readers.”

Robert A. Berg, Ph.D.
Professor of New Testament
Evangel University

“The Modern English Version is the most accurate translation based on the King James Version for the English speaking world. I highly recommend it.”

Verna M. Linzey, D.D.
Southwestern Assemblies of God University

“As a ministry practitioner and educator, I am delighted to see the release of the Modern English Version (MEV) which balances elegant phraseology with a fluid, readable style making it very accessible to a wide cross-section of readers of the biblical text.”

Joseph J. Saggio, Ed.D.
Vice-President for Academic Affairs
American Indian College of the Assemblies of God
Adjunct Professor of Church, Culture, and U.S Missions
Northwest University

Methodist Church of Great Britain

“Over the last four centuries or so the military has developed a language all of its own. Having served with British and American naval, military and air forces I can assure you that communication can be a struggle for the first few days of duty with any new unit! New recruits are now encouraged to spend time with folk already in the Service and read books about the language used in the ‘theatre’ they are about to enter. With this in mind it was with great enthusiasm I took on the request to update books from the 1611 King James Bible with the modern English vernacular with Service folk from both sides of the Atlantic and with their understanding of the English language—the Modern English Version.”

Revd. Robert J. Lucas, D.D.
Squadron Leader (ret.) Royal Air Force
Chaplain, Royal Air Force Association


“A new, precise update of the King James Version for the military has been glaringly necessary. Military Chaplains have really risen to the occasion with this contemporary translation—The Modern English Version. I highly recommend it.”

Jim Ammerman, Th.D.
Chaplain (COLONEL) USA, (Ret.)
Founding President, Chaplaincy of Full Gospel Churches

Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America

“I expect that the Modern English Version translation will be readily understood by thoughtful readers of the Bible even as they find the classic truths of eternity expressed in understandable language of today’s English speaker.”

Jonathan M. Watt, Ph.D.
Adjunct Faculty, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, Geneva College

Southern Baptist Convention

“The Modern English Version provides a unique cross-denominational approach to the translation of the Bible with an aim of giving fresh insight into the meaning of the Scriptures while staying true to the original intent of the authors. The end result is a translation that will be tremendously helpful for those in ministry and those who wish to know the Word of God in a more intimate way.”

N. Blake Hearson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew
Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

“The Modern English Version fits within the tradition of the original KJV. It is a clear and concise translation that has the feel of the KJV but is updated and eminently more readable for today. It will be an encouragement to all but especially to the modern military men and women for whom the translation was initiated. I look forward to giving my son and his wife, both army medics, copies for their personal devotions.”

Eric Mitchell, Ph.D.
Assoc. Professor of Old Testament & Archaeology
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

“The Modern English Version is a Bible translation that takes its King James heritage seriously. Adhering to the principle of formal equivalence, the translators believed that fidelity to the same principles that guided our 17th century forerunners is transcendent of time and circumstance. But the dynamic nature of communication requires sensitivity to making a translation meaningful to a 21st century reader. Formal Equivalence and sensitivity to the dynamic nature of communication worked hand-in-hand to shape this authoritative translation of the Bible, which will serve God’s kingdom well for generations to come.”

Rudolph D. Gonzalez, Ph.D., D.D.
Professor of New Testament
Dean of the William R. Marshall Center for Theological Studies
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

“As a pastor to a number of military families it is my pleasure to endorse the Modern English Version. As a translator on the project, I am proud of the purpose of the MEV to better enable our chaplains to communicate the truth of God’s Word to our soldiers and their families.”

Paul Smith, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Old Testament
Gateway Seminary

United Church of Christ

“The Modern English Version was translated and edited by one of the most highly qualified teams of scholars for use by the entire English-speaking world. I highly recommend it.”

David W. Plank, Ph.D.
Captain, CHC, USN (Ret.)

United Methodist Church

“The Modern English Version is the most accurate translation in contemporary English, which is based on the Textus Receptus. I highly recommend it to the English-speaking world as a pulpit Bible, a pew Bible, a translator’s Bible and for personal use.”

John W. Berger, M.Div.
Commander, CHC, USN (Ret.)
Graduate, Stanford University

“Perhaps the biggest strength of the Modern English Version (MEV) is that it allows Bible readers to experience the splendor and beauty associated with the original King James Version (KJV) translation, but in a more understandable vernacular. To achieve this lofty goal, modern scholars utilized the same Greek manuscripts employed by the KJV translators of the 1600s with the intention of translating a very accessible version for a modern audience while honoring the spirit and flow of the original KJV. Our version is a KJV for a new generation. The fact is that the NKJV is outdated. The MEV is a more accurate translation based on a more modern vernacular.”

Edward W. Watson, Ph.D.
Professor of Biblical Literature and Practical Theology
Graduate School of Theology and Ministry
Oral Roberts University

United Reformed Church

“Language is never static. It is an ever changing phenomenon. Words and phrases convey meaning specific to a given context. So if there is to be translation at all, there must be periodic retranslation in full awareness of the meaning being conveyed. The Modern English Version communicates clearly within the contemporary English-speaking setting.”

Derke P. Bergsma, Th.D., Rel.D.
Captain, CHC, USNR (Ret.)
Former Professor, Westminster Seminary California
Former Professor, Trinity Christian College

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