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Who We Are

Military Bible Association is a non-profit, non-denominational religious organization that has a mission of providing spiritual support to the United States Armed Forces. This support is through the Word of God.

We are comprised of a board of directors and anyone or any organization who supports this mission. The board of directors is comprised of three Southern Baptist Convention ordained clergymen: a civilian minister, Andrew Behneman; a retired US Navy chaplain, Don Biadog; and a retired US Army chaplain and founding president, Jim Linzey. We solely rely on partner support to fulfill our mission.

Partners may donate undesignated resources or designated resources. The undesignated resources will be used to print and ship military Bibles by military chaplains wherever we know the need exists among military personnel and their families, chaplains, prisoners, truckers, police officers, and fire fighters.

Designated resources will be used to print and ship these military Bibles to wherever our donors desire they be sent. They may buy them for their own missions, churches, or personal use. Proceeds from these sales will help Military Bible Association to fulfill its mission to send additional military Bibles to the troops wherever they may be in the world.

Our mission, vision, and objective are part of who we are, as follows:

Mission Statement

To spiritually empower military leaders through the Word of God.

Vision Statement

To provide The Military Bible by Military Chaplains and other military Bibles to every chaplain, military member, prisoner, trucker, police officer, and fire fighter who requests one. 


To procure funding through partner support to donate copies, cases, and pallets of military Bibles by military chaplains to chaplains, chapels, service members, military units, prisons, truckers, law enforcement, and fire fighters.

ADA Compliance